ILM Half Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

No doubt, the ILM half face motorcycle helmet will offer incredible specs. The ILM company is quite famous for making helmets for cruising for several years. And the best part? You will find the helmets by ILM in an affordable price range.
The ilm dual sport helmet with the ¾ design will not offer the protection as the full face helmet offers, but it is worth buying if you don’t ride fast on the street.
Let’s delve into the features of the ILM half-face helmet.

Features of ILM Half Face Motorcycle Helmet


This ILM half face helmet comes with a high-quality retractable visor, and you will have the best protection from the sun’s rays. Also, you don’t need to carry sunglasses with you because of the tinted visor, and it has a great design overall.

Ilm Half Face Motorcyle Helmet Side View

You will be wearing the helmet comfortably because it is not much heavy, and it has a unique visor construction. The helmet’s visor is almost invisible, which makes it unique from the other helmets. Best of all, you will get an adjustable chin strap, and it will let you release it quickly in case of an emergency.
It comes with impressive sliders, and you will have great ear loops, and you will be able to easily adjust it on any head size. The shape of the helmet is great, and it has several sizes as well. You will have a strap that you can adjust correctly, and it will provide utmost protection.

Ilm Half Face Motorcyle Helmet Front View

Not only that, it has an incredibly comfortable interior, and you will have removable padding. This helmet will provide good protection only to the core of the head. You will not have full face protection with this helmet. So it is not designed for those who often ride fast.
The chin strap comes with quick release and comfortable material. It is certified by DOT FMVSS.218, and you will have a high-quality product. The helmets of ILM go through random checking, and you will have the highest quality product.

Ilm Half Face Motorcyle Helmet Inner View

The ILM helmet comes in glossy black color in terms of design, and it has a reminiscent design. You will get a matte black color helmet and a glossy black color option. Whether you choose matte black or glossy black color, it will surely look sleek.
All in all, the helmet is lightweight, and you will have a smaller footprint. The weight of this helmet is 2.3lbs, and it has a smaller design than other half face helmets in the market. Therefore, you can keep this helmet easily under the seat of your bike or carry it in your arms.

Ilm Half Face Motorcyle Helmet Size Chart

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Are All Helmets Of ILM Safe To Buy?

The ILM modular helmets are only certified by the DOT, and it doesn’t meet the highest safety standards. However, it is better to choose a helmet with DOT standards rather than nothing. So the helmets with DOT standards are legal to ride on the US roads.

What Size Helmet Should I Buy?

You have to measure the head size by the complete circumference. You have to wrap the measuring tape around the eyebrows and then note down the measurements on the back of your head. Do not keep the measuring tape too tightly on the head; otherwise, you will note the tighter size.

How Much Protection Can A Half Face Helmet Provide?

The half-face helmets will not offer 100 percent protection. You will have only 55 percent protection in the crashes.

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