Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras (Reviews) in 2022

For making memories of your thrilling rides, we have the best motorcycle helmet cameras here. With these cameras, you can make videos and capture fantastic moments. Also, these cameras are convenient and safe to use. Best of all, these motorcycle helmet cameras won’t distract the rider.
However, the motorcycle helmet camera can give you all the footage, and you can see how the ride went. And if you missed any spot, you’ll be having a recording to watch later. Sometimes if there is any uncertain event happening, you can record it as well. Who knows what is going to happen next, so it’s great to prepare yourself.
We have mentioned the benefits of motorcycle helmet cameras. And it is essential to know what factors a decent motorcycle helmet camera should have so that you can check our buying guide. For now, let’s have a look at the 10 top picks for making your decision easier.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras of 2022

Best Helmet Cameras (With InDepth Reviews & Alternatives)

Crosstour Action CameraCrosstour Action CameraBest Cheapest Helmet Camera★★★RUMIXI 4kCheck PriceView Detail
Campark ACT74 CameraCampark ACT74 Helmet CameraBest Budget Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★APEMAN A77Check PriceView Detail
Dragon Touch 4K CameraDragon Touch 4KBest Affordable 4k Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★YELIN 4kCheck PriceView Detail
AKASO EK7000 4K CameraAKASO EK7000 4kBest Selling Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★★★Victure AC700Check PriceView Detail
Ion 101 Air Pro Lite CameraIon 101 Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi CameraBest Motorcycle Helmet Camera without display★★★★1011L AirCheck PriceView Detail
Akaso Brave 4 CameraAkaso Brave 4 4kBest Akaso 4k Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★★VanTop 4KCheck PriceView Detail
GoPro Hero 7 CameraGoPro Hero 7 Motorcycle Helmet CameraBest Motorcycle Helmet Camera with touch-screen★★★★★GoPro Hero 8Check PriceView Detail
YI 4k Action CameraYI 4k Action and Sports Helmet CameraBest Minimalistic Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★★AKASO V50Check PriceView Detail
GoPro Hero Session CameraGoPro Hero Session Waterproof Digital Action CameraBest Digital Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★★★GoPro MaxCheck PriceView Detail
GoPro Hero 5 CameraGoPro Hero 5 Motorcycle Helmet CameraBest GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Camera★★★★★GoPro hero 6Check PriceView Detail
Note: We have sorted all the Helmet Cameras according to price so you can easily pick which suits your budget.

Under 50$

1 Crosstour Action Camera 1080P Full HD Wi-Fi

Best Cheapest Helmet Camera
Crosstour Action Motorcycle Helmet Camera 1080P

The cross tour is the best motorcycle helmet action camera. However, reading the name of this head camera, you’ll think it is best for trips. Further, it is not only the best motorcycle helmet camera but also great for surfing and swimming.

 Camera Design 

It is one of the best cameras for capturing outdoor moments. So, it works as a webcam. And the quality of the picture and video will increase in your phone. No doubt, this camera has a compact shape and black color.

Recording Time90 minutes
Camera Result1080p
Battery2 Rechargeable 1050mAh
Water ProofYes

All in all, the best feature of this camera is the water-resistant body. So you can also swim with this camera up to 30 meters easily. You can also edit, delete, and upload the picture or videos with the connectivity option.

  • Wi-Fi built-in.
  • Great image quality.
  • Wide-angle display.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • No time-lapse mode.

2 Campark ACT74 Helmet Camera

Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet Camera
Campark ACT74 Action Camera 4K

Here we have the campark Act 74 action camera. It is one of the best cameras that can take pictures in an incredible resolution. Also, the campark gives Wi-Fi remote controller for the user’s convenience. Best of all, you can share your footage while connecting it with your phone. Also, you can read about the top 10 best motorcycle helmets here.

 Camera Design 

Overall, it is a waterproof camera with a full lens angle display. The design of this helmet cam is similar to other brand’s cameras.

Recording Time90 minutes
Camera ResultUltra HD 4k
Storage32 GB
Water ProofYes

On the whole, it is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras with incredible battery life. Also, it has an ultra-HD display. We recommend buying this bike helmet camera due to the fantastic image resolution.

  • Waterproof.
  • Best image quality ever.
  • Comes with two batteries.
  • No GPS technology.

3 Dragon Touch 4K Motorcycle Action Camera

Best Affordable 4k Motorcycle Helmet Camera
Dragon Touch 4K Action Helmet Camera

The dragon touch is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras that give an incredible zoom-in feature. Moreover, this camera is quite durable, and you can use this camera in the rain as well.

 Camera Design 

Besides that, the dragon camera is one of the compact and versatile cameras that has several features available. Plus, you can have several modes with this head camera.

Recording Time90 mins for 1080p
60 mins for 4K/2K
Camera ResultFull 4k
Storage32 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, this camera has a wide-angle view, and you can use it underwater as well. Additionally, with the 2 inches screen, you can see every shot. Also, it offers wireless control wristband for the user’s convenience. And the specialty of this cam is that you can use this head camera as a webcam for calls.

  • Several shooting modes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Free accessories.
  • 4k Result.
  • No cons as such.

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Under 100$

4 AKASO EK7000 4k Motorcycle Camera

Best Selling Motorcycle Helmet Camera
AKASO EK7000 4K Wide Angle

We have another model from Akaso in our review. It is one of the best cameras with HD action results. Akaso is one of the best motorcycle helmet camera companies in 2022. Plus, it will offer several other features.

 Camera Design 

It is a waterproof camera, and Akaso will work best in the indoor and outdoor environments. Also, we recommend using helmet cams with full-face motorcycle helmets.

Recording Time90 minutes
Camera Result4K Ultra HD
Storage32 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, the specialty of this Product is that you can capture several pictures. Also, you can instantly share it with other people. Best of all, it is a multi-functional camera. Lastly, it has a waterproof technology of 98 feet.

  • Long battering timing.
  • HD display.
  • No cons as such.

5 Ion 101 Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera

Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera without display
Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wifi Helmet Camera

Next up, we have the ion 101 lite Wi-Fi camera. If you need a camera with the most extended battery life, prefer buying the ion-pro lite camera. Additionally, this camera is waterproof, and you will be comfortable taking it with you until 30 feet. This brand offers you to connect it with the apple and android device for connecting.

 Camera Design 

Consequently, it is the best camera for any sports activity. Also, the ion is the best for bike hiking and professional users. Further, this camera has a cylinder shape. No doubt, it is a lightweight and blue color sports camera.

Recording Time2 hours
Camera ResultFull HD
Storage32 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, this Ion camera is recommended by professional users. Also, it is one of the editor’s choices. Best of all, it has a 170-degree field of view. And you can share it in real-time as well.

  • Wi-Fi and sharing technology.
  • HD result.
  • Built-in mic.
  • Pricey camera.

6 Akaso Brave 4 4k Wi-Fi Helmet Camera

Best Akaso 4k Motorcycle Helmet Camera
AKASO Brave 4 4K WiFi Motorcycle helmet Camera

Next up, we have the Akaso brave motorcycle helmet camera. It is a sports camera that you can use while swimming and riding a bike. Also, this brand will provide gyroscope technology, 5X zoom, and many other features. Further, Akaso offers to use a micro SD card. It is perfect for outdoor sports.

 Camera Design 

It has an ultra-HD camera for capturing everything in high-quality. It is a sports camera that you can use while swimming, riding, etc. Also, you can edit the videos and pictures from the app. You need to download an app and connect the camera with it. The Akaso camera comes with an HDMI port as well.

Recording Time90 mins for 1080p
60 mins for 4k
Camera Result4 K Ultra HD camera with EIS
Storage64 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, this camera is suitable for all sports activities with app connectivity and waterproof technology. This camera is having an excellent rating on Amazon.

  • Anti-shaking.
  • Waterproof.
  • Long battery and recording time.
  • Incredible picture quality.
  • No cons as such.

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Above 100$

7 GoPro Hero 7 Motorcycle Helmet Camera with Touch Screen

Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera with touch-screen
GoPro HERO7 Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Camera

We have another model of GoPro hero seven black action camera. It has a touch screen display. Plus, this camera will give the most accurate and stable pictures. Also, GoPro is one of the most famous brands in making helmet cameras. More than that, it is the best motorcycle helmet rear camera.

 Camera Design 

However, it is best for small and extended tours. And WDR photos will give the best result. It is one of the most robust cameras with a durable body. Moreover, you can have this compact design camera in black color.

Recording Time90 minutes
Camera ResultFull HDR
Storage64 GB
Water ProofYes

One of the best features is the HDR result and voice control. While riding a bike, you can command the camera to stop or start the recording. Also, it has the best video and picture quality.

  • 1-year warranty.
  • HDR result.
  • Waterproof technology.
  • Voice control.
  • No cons as such.

8 YI 4k Action and Sports Helmet Camera

Best Minimalistic Motorcycle Helmet Camera
YI 4K Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Next, we have a YI action sports camera, the best touchscreen motorcycle helmet camera. Plus, YI comes with several other additional features that are hard to find in any other camera. Additionally, it is one of the most versatile cameras with lithium polymer batteries and a touch screen.
This company is offering several modes in which you can capture the best memories. This camera is also having a wireless remote for controlling. Besides that, it is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras.

 Camera Design 

This camera has vibrant colors and excellent finishing. Moreover, it is one of the most portable camera available on the market for motorbike helmets. YI has seven layers of glass lenses for giving to optimum results.

Recording Time120 minutes
Camera ResultFull HD 4k
Storage32 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, YI 4K camera is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras with lithium polymer batteries. And it has a specialty of the voice control system. Plus, YI has the latest technology to provide easy functionality. And you can record or take pictures in the low light.

  • Long battery life.
  • LCD screen.
  • Records videos with stability.
  • Bit an expensive camera.

9 GoPro Hero Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera

Best Digital Motorcycle Helmet Camera
GoPro HERO Session Digital Helmet Camera

GoPro is one of the most famous brands for making the motorcycle helmet camera. It is having several other models as well that we will discuss further in our review. GoPro is the best motorcycle helmet camera that is lightweight.
Besides that, we recommend this camera to those people who haven’t bought motorcycle cameras before.
Best of all, this motorbike helmet camera is waterproof. You can place this camera anywhere on the helmet to capture the perfect view. It is the best motorcycle helmet dashcam.

 Camera Design 

Simple and compact camera design. It is one of the best cameras that you can carry anywhere, any day with you. Also, this helmet-mounted GoPro has a wide lens to capture the most accurate shots.

Recording Time90 minutes
Camera ResultFull HD 4k
Storage128 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, the speciality of the GoPro camera is the burst and video quality. It is one of the best cameras for professionals and beginners, who want to capture their thrilling adventures.

  • Easy to use.
  • Great quality lens.
  • No housing required.
  • Lithium polymer batteries.
  • No cons as such.

10 GoPro Hero 5 Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Camera
GoPro Hero5 4k Touch Screen Motorcycle Camera

Another model from GoPro is worth adding on our list because it has several features included. Plus, this company is famous for making the best motorcycle helmet cameras for sports. However, it is the most durable motorcycle helmet camera of GoPro Company.

 Camera Design 

It is quite similar to the other helmet mountable GoPro models that we have mentioned above in our review. GoPro 5 is a black color camera that captures everything in good quality.

Recording Time120 minutes
Camera ResultFull HD 4k
Storage64 GB
Water ProofYes

All in all, GoPro is offering the best specs. And you can crop out the video part that you don’t need. The most helpful features of this camera are the voice control model. Also, just click one button; you will be able to capture the best moments. Lastly, it is one of the best motorcycle helmet cameras due to video stabilization technology.

  • Rugged and waterproof camera.
  • 2-inch display.
  • Video stabilization.
  • Battery timing is not enough.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Buyer Guide – 2022

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Buying GuideThere are several vital features that we will tell you here in this guide. And if you are buying a helmet camera for the first time, you’ll be surprised to know about these features. And our top 10 products of the best motorcycle helmet cameras have these specs to satisfy the customer. Also, you’ll know which features you need the most for riding with your full-face or new half-face motorcycle helmet. Besides that, we have looked over several points that will make your investment worth it. Our buying guide will give you more information about the best motorcycle helmet cameras.

1 Resolution and Frame Rate

The frame and resolution are some of the essential things in a motorcycle helmet cam. So you must look at it carefully. Usually, the picture and video quality will depend on the frame-rate of the camera. So if the camera has a high resolution, you will be able to get the most top video and picture quality.
Moreover, the best motorcycle helmet cameras on our list have HD resolution to provide the best result. Even if your zoom in on the pictures, the quality won’t be destroyed. And the excellent quality cameras are a bit expensive than the standard quality ones. Plus, the UHD cameras are best for longer adventures because they can record more footage.
Furthermore, you may be wondering what FPS is. It means frame per second. So, if you find a high fps camera, that means you will have smooth and better quality videos. And if you are concerned about making videos in slow motion. However, you must have a motorbike helmet cam with the FPS 30. Also, a camera with a better fps rate will take less space in the memory card.
Hence, if you are buying a camera that has a higher fps rate, then you need to know that it will work slowly in darker environments. We suggest purchasing a camera that has 30 frames per second rate for the optimum results.

2 Performance and Durability

There are specific points that you need to know about the excellent performance of a camera. Usually, the best motorcycle helmet cameras provide HD image quality, full footage in different angles, multiple functions, compatibility while riding speedily, and the ability to record the videos in good condition.
For making your investment value, you must know the durability of the camera. Also, a high-quality helmet camera offers good material that will last long. Plus, some of the cameras on our list are waterproof and durable enough to work in any condition. Moreover, a decent motorcycle helmet camera has rough terrain to make it resistant to any weather.

3 Construction

This factor matters a lot, and if a camera is constructed well, it will never fail to give the best possible results. So while picking a motorcycle helmet cam, you must know how well it is built. Further, the durability of the camera also depends on the construction of the helmet. A motorcycle helmet camera shall be durable and sturdy enough to work in any weather.
Thus, another thing that matters in the construction of the camera is the size and shape. Usually, the best motorcycle helmet cameras are compact and lightweight, so there is no weight put on the helmet externally. Hence, we have added the most lightweight best motorcycle helmet cameras in our list for the user’s efficiency. On the other side, if a camera is bulky, it will distract the rider’s journey.
Plus, the best motorcycle helmet cameras shall be placed easily anywhere. And the clamps must be tight, so there is no shaking in the recording.

4 Image Stabilization

While riding on a bumpy road, you may get blur images. So if you want to capture the perfect picture, the camera shall be stable. Without this feature, your investment isn’t valuable. Best of all, in adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms or rain, you’ll be able to capture the best footage. It is one of the best and innovative features that manufacturers now include in their cameras.

5 Field of View (VOF)

Other than that, the ground on view depends on how many areas the lens will cover. The best lens includes the fisheye lens. And you can have the most extensive-angle look of this kind of glass. Also, in our top picks, we have the lens that offers a 170-degree angle view.
Besides that, there are two other fields of view lens. The medium one is 140 degrees, and the narrow one is 90 degrees. And you should buy a glass according to your needs and budget.
It is worth mentioning that the fisheye lens has one flaw. The fisheye lens distorts the image, and sometimes it tilts the image from the edges.

6 Battery Life

Battery timing is the most crucial thing in a motorcycle helmet camera. Usually, a motorcycle helmet camera has a battery timing of 80 to 90 minutes. So if you need more battery timing, then carry an extra battery with you.
Further, some of the cameras in our review come with an additional battery that you can use as standby. On the other hand, there are some batteries that you can recharge. Also, lithium-ion batteries are the safest and most durable. But sometimes these batteries get warm. Hence, we suggest buying the best motorcycle helmet cams that come with an extra battery.

7 Storage Capacity

Generally, the motorcycle helmet cameras aren’t bigger than 2 inches. So they have less storage. And if you are planning to buy a helmet to go on longer rides, then buy a helmet that offers external storage through an SD card. Additionally, make sure to keep an extra SD card, so you don’t go out of space in the middle of your journey. Also, buy an SD card class 10 for the best performance.

8 Additional Features

Below we have some of the best and efficient features of a motorcycle helmet camera. Plus, these amazing features will force you to buy a motorcycle helmet camera.

 Built-in GPS 

The built-in GPS feature will make your recording and footage specified. And you can easily find out which footage was taken at a particular place. Further, it is one of the best features of a motorcycle helmet cam.


Day by day, inventions are increasing in the field of IT. Now the latest motorcycle helmet cams have a connection of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, these are the most critical factors that any rider needs. Plus, the best motorcycle helmet cameras with Bluetooth features enable you to transfer the data immediately.
Further, with Wi-Fi technology, you can easily upload the recording or pictures on any social media application. Also, you can make live streaming updates while riding the bike. We suggest buying a motorcycle helmet that has a Wi-Fi option. You will be able to connect to the world while going anywhere.

Types of Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Single Unit vs Integrated helmet cameraTwo types of motorcycle helmet cameras have different functions. Below we’ll tell you detail about it.

 Single Unit 

If you only want a motorbike helmet camera to make videos, then buy a single unit type. It will record the videos alone. And you can edit the videos later on. It is one of the simple options to buy a single-unit helmet camera.


The integrated motorcycle helmet cameras have several other features to offer. Those features are built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, as well as 4K recording. You can buy this helmet to get the best experience with the camera while riding. And you can place the camera anywhere that suits you. Also, you can edit the videos that it will capture. Besides that, the integrated camera is larger than the single-unit camera.

Prices of Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

helmet camera priceMotorcycle helmet cameras are available in a wide price range. The higher the price better the specs. So if you need all the features in your motorcycle helmet camera, you have to invest more.

 Under $50 

It is the lowest price of a motorbike helmet camera, but you’ll have the best features in this budget. You will be able to record a video in this range of cameras. Also, there will be a GPS and Wi-Fi feature available in it.

 Between $50 to $100 

Moreover, if you have enough budget to buy a high-end motorcycle helmet camera, you’ll be able to get more features. Best of all, you will be having a touch screen, different camera angles, and longer battery timing.

 Above $100 

Finally, if you have an above $100 budget motorcycle camera, it will give you the best results in the night. Also, the camera will have a compact and slimmer look. Plus, it will be lightweight as well as a Bluetooth feature. In this high-end budget, you will quickly get all the features and a durable camera.

Benefits of The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

benefits fo motorcycle helmet cameraHere we will tell you the four benefits of the best motorcycle helmet cameras. Have a look at these benefits.

 Record Accidents 

It is one of the ideal aspects of having a motorcycle helmet camera. While having a motorcycle helmet camera, you will be able to capture and record the accidents. No doubt, the small size of a motorcycle won’t let you see the incident clearly in an accident. So with the help of a camera, you can recall the event. Plus, with the help of a camera, you can see the recording immediately.

 Multiple Functionality 

A decent motorcycle helmet camera offers several other features as well. And you will be able to get built-in Wi-Fi, GPS technology, and much more. So, the best motorcycle helmet cameras offer controlling without hands.
Moreover, some of the cameras in our top picks have a dashcam feature. With this feature, the rider can record their video. You can also say a dashcam as a front camera for self-recording. This camera is a great pick as a dashcam for motorcycles.

 Create and Edit the Montages 

With a motorcycle helmet camera, you can edit and create several montages. Also, you can upload this clip on any social media account to share your experience with others. With this editing feature, you can train other motorcycle riders as well.

 See Different Angles 

When you place the motorcycle helmet camera on the top, you’ll record several angles. Further, the camera will capture the best aspects for you. And for the next adventure, you can change the perspective if there is something that is left.

FAQs of Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

Which Is The Best Place To Put Camera On Motorcycle Helmet?
The best place to put a camera on a motorcycle helmet is the top. You can place it in the center to capture the best moments. And the top center is the most common place to put a camera. In this angle, you'll be able to see the recording clearly and efficiently.
Which Is The Best Model Of GoPro Motorcycle Helmet?
One of the best GoPro models is the GoPro Hero Session that captures pictures in high quality. Plus, the camera is waterproof. Also, this camera is simple and quite easy to use. And by pressing one button, the camera starts recording. Best of all, the GoPro hero session is one of the most lightweight cameras.
What Is The Capacity Of Motorcycle Helmet Camera Batteries?
The motorcycle helmet camera battery will last for 80 to 90 minutes. Also, we have some of the products that come with two batteries. If you are planning to go on an adventure, then keep an extra battery with you. And the charging time of the battery is probably two to three hours.
Which Are The Most Durable Motorcycle Helmets Cameras In 2022?
Some of the durable and best motorcycle helmet cameras are Cross Tour Action Camera, Dragon Touch 4 K Action Camera, GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera, AKASO EK7000 4k Action Sports Camera, and Campark Act74 Action Camera.


After looking at the best motorcycle helmet cameras, you can easily pick one as per your needs and budget. Plus, make sure that you check the buying guide to know about the camera’s essential factors.
No doubt, the best motorcycle helmet cameras on our list are fun and easy to use. Also, these cameras will block the external noise as well as the anti-shake feature. And you can use these cameras in any weather because they are rainproof. However, you will get the perfect footage without any blurriness.
Before buying anything, research is essential as it clears out all the confusion in mind. And you will know why you should invest in it and will it be worth buying? We have done that for you by mentioning the price and benefits of the best motorcycle helmet cameras.
Hence, we suggest buying GoPro Hero Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera, GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera, and AKASO EK7000 4k Action Sports Camera. Other than our suggestions you can buy any camera that is suitable for your rides.
Hence, everybody needs a camera according to their needs. Also, you must know what specs and quality you need in a camera. We have mentioned enough detail about the motorcycle helmets that would be enough for any buyer. So choose the best one and make thrilling memories.
Thank you for reading. Good luck!


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