Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings 2022 – 4 Best Certifications

Motorcycle helmet safety ratings will indicate how much security it can provide. And every helmet is different from the other. Plus, you will need to research for finding the best motorcycle helmet with safety ratings. Some motorcycle helmets are more durable and protective.
Please don’t consider the appearance of the helmet only while buying it. Also, several other factors will make the helmet protective for the motorcyclist. And you must know which brand has authentic safety certifications. By doing so, you will make the best investment in the motorcycle helmet.
Besides, motorcycle helmets are essential to wear in almost all states. And if you don’t wear a helmet, you might get a ticket or a hefty fine. Fortunately, helmets have lowered the death rates of motorcyclists. If you aren’t wearing a helmet, a head injury can lead to death. No doubt, it is essential as well as a beneficial tool for you while riding a bike.

Why Is Motorcycle Helmet Rating Important?

Why motorcycle safety rating is importantThe motorcycle helmet rating is outstanding because it ensures the authenticity of a helmet to be safe. Without the rating or certification, you cannot have the guarantee to be safe in any crash. Best of all, the safest helmets will absorb the shocks from the harder surfaces and protect your head. In every possible way, the helmet safety ratings will make you confident to be secure while riding.
Besides that, decent helmets will secure you from flying objects as well. And if you avoid wearing a helmet as it limits the visibility? Then it is your misconception because the top motorcycle helmet brands make enough room for the motorcyclist to view clearly from all the angles.
However, there are high chances of injuries with a poor quality helmet with no safety certification. And poorly constructed motorcycle helmets will never absorb the shocks from roads or other harder surfaces. The Head is a sensitive part of your body, and you shouldn’t compromise on it. We must be thankful to the organizations of motorcycle helmet testing standards.
The organizations of motorcycle helmet safety ratings include the following:

  • D.O.T.– Department Of Transportation
  • SNELL– Snell Memorial Foundation
  • E.C.E.– Economic Commission of Europe
  • SHARP– Safety Helmet Assessment And Rating Programme

Consequently, these organizations update their standards with time, and every organization has different tests than the others. Every organization has engineers that set the standards of quality testing. Now we’ll tell you in detail about the four best organizations.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings

4 Best Certifications for Motorcycle Helmet Safety

which helmet rating is bestHere, we have explained each motorcycle helmet rating so you can decide which type of motorcycle helmet should you buy.

1 D.O.T. – Department Of Transportation

The D.O.T. – The Department of Transportation has made their guides to test the helmet. As we have mentioned above that every organization differs from others among its guidelines. And the D.O.T. certification is an organization of the United States. But all helmet brands do not have the D.O.T. certification, so they differ in terms of protection as well. Other than that, we cannot divide the categories of helmets. We have the prospect to research and know the specifications of the motorcycle helmet.
Dot Helmet Safety Rating
 What Is The Role Of D.O.T.? 

You must be thinking that this organization would test the helmets that arrive from various companies. But this is a misunderstanding that we will clear here. The D.O.T. – The Department of Transportation doesn’t inspect or test the helmets. Instead, this organization plays a more significant role than that.

  • The tests of D.O.T. use maximum energy.
  • Minimum 2 hits of each helmet to test the durability.
  • Engineers of D.O.T. are allowed to smack the motorcycle helmet on any part.
  • The D.O.T. certified motorcycle helmets can absorb the impact up to 400g.
  • The testing is not done independently.
  • Some people doubt the D.O.T. standards.
  • The features of D.O.T. aren’t entirely tested.
  • Less number of hits on the headgears.
  • No tests in optics.

2 SNELL – Snell Memorial Foundation

The SNELL is the best of all certifications. It has the gold standard that an ordinary helmet cannot pass easily. Plus, the snell memorial foundation guarantees 100 percent safety to the wearers. Besides that, no other certification can be compared with the snell memorial foundation.
However, this foundation has a unique method of testing the helmets that other organizations don’t provide. The quality of the SNELL-certified helmet will ensure to absorb the hardest impacts.
Snell Helmet Safety Rating
 What Is The Role Of SNELL? 

The testing scheme of snell is impressive, and you will be surprised to know the impacts that SNELL helmets can absorb. It will require only 275gram of latter energy transfer. Usually, the other organizations have 400gram of latter energy transfer. The low grams ensure that the SNELL helmets will protect the riders in accidents from the robust impacts.

  • In-depth testing of all the helmets.
  • Latter energy is quite low – 275g.
  • The SNELL features several kinds of tests.
  • The examination of helmets involves the internal and external material as well.
  • Profoundly impact resistance is provided by the SNELL certified helmets.
  • Time-consuming testing.
  • The expensive process of testing.
  • Some of the SNELL certified helmets aren’t made for the racetrack.

3 SHARP – Safety Helmet Assessment And Rating Program

Next, we have a sharp testing organization. It is one of the most reputable and recognized schemes of testing for motorcycle helmet safety ratings. This company started in 2007, and since then, it is testing motorcycle helmets like other organizations. This company also tests the motorcycle helmet as per their techniques and standards.
Sharp Helmet Safety Rating
Best of all, the SHARP testing is based on lab research. And you know that lab tests are based on scientific research. Also, the public accepts and praises this kind of lab testing. Plus, SHARP helmet testing is quite different from the Department of transportation testing. This lab testing ensures that the motorcycle helmet safety ratings are safe for riding. SHARP will help you to make the best decision while picking the most reliable motorcycle helmet.

 What Is The Role Of SHARP? 

This organization is different and bought helmets from the manufacturers. And after purchasing the helmets in various sizes, they perform tests of impact on every helmet. The criteria include the effects of oblique and run 32.

  • Lab testing.
  • The scientific method of testing.
  • Oblique and run 32 testing.
  • Testing mechanisms shall be enhanced.

4 E.C.E. – Economic Commission Of Europe

Lastly, we have the E.C.E. – economic commission of Europe that is much more predictable than the D.O.T. certification. The E.C.E. guidelines aren’t much older than the D.O.T., but they are more reliable. Also, the testing mechanism of E.C.E. is better than other safety rating organizations. Plus, the U.S. residents don’t have much information about the E.C.E. because it is a European company. The E.C.E. standard has a multi-national standard that is applied in several states.
ECE Helmet Rating
 What Is The Role Of E.C.E.? 

More than that, the E.C.E. standard will protect the rider in accidental situations. The testing method for this foundation is time-taking. E.C.E. will inspect all the features of the helmet from its exterior to the interior. Also, it will do quality testing on each of the components of the motorcycle helmet to make it robust. And you can trust this helmet as it offers the best protection in all crashes.

  • Double-checking the quality by other parties.
  • Independent testing on the helmet.
  • Tests the internal parts of helmets.
  • Absorbs impact efficiently.
  • The energy rating is 275g.
  • Ensures the protectiveness and security of the rider.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Expensive testing process.
  • The energy rating is less for fast speed.
  • Impact resistance can be improved.

FAQs About Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings

Which Motorcycle Helmet Brands Have Safety Certifications?
Some of the best motorcycle helmets below have the safety certifications.
  • Shoei helmets
  • Arai helmets
  • A.G.V. helmets
  • Shark helmets
  • H.J.C. helmets
  • Nolan helmets
  • Bell helmets
Is The Snell Safety Certification Better Than E.C.E.?
The Snell certification is more reliable, and they make the motorcycle helmet much durable as well as protective. On the other side, the E.C.E. certification is advanced, and it is better the D.O.T. All in all, Snell certification is the best among E.C.E.
Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire After A Certain Time?
Yes, after a specific time, you must replace the helmet. Some of the companies recommend buying a new helmet after three years.


After reviewing the motorcycle helmet ratings, you will prefer buying a safer helmet rather than a good looking one. Besides that, I never consider buying a helmet that doesn’t have safety certification. Also, not to consider the reviews of other people while purchasing a motorcycle helmet.
However, you rely on any of the motorcycle helmet safety ratings, including the D.O.T., E.C.E., SHARP, and SNELL. The helmets certified with these ratings will protect the rider in all possible ways. Plus, you will be more secure in any unforeseen situation. So if you are buying a helmet, you can have a sticker of certification that indicates the accreditation. So if the motorcycle helmet goes through any crash, it will protect your head from injuries.
Other than that, the D.O.T., SHARP, and E.C.E. certifications are trustworthy as well. No matter which helmet you buy, never compromising on your safety. We hope that our motorcycle helmet safety article gives you enough information. Thank you for reading.

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