Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide – 6 Simple Steps To Follow

Here we have the six simple steps of motorcycle helmet sizing. Picking a motorcycle helmet according to your head shape and size is not an easy task. So we are here to help you out. Also, buying a motorcycle helmet that is perfect for your head is essential for safety. Consequently, if your helmet isn’t providing the best fitting, it will fail to protect you from the impacts. So do not just consider the DOT safety standards before buying a motorcycle helmet.
Let us tell you that if a helmet has space between the helmet and head, it won’t offer protection. Some of the decent helmets have liners inside the helmet that will protect the head in an accident. But the liners must have an accurate fitting according to your head size. However, you must know the motorcycle helmet sizing before you choose a helmet type. And you know why we are focusing on the fitting because it is the only thing that’ll secure you from injuries. Now, let’s have a look at the steps of motorcycle helmet sizing.

6 Steps of Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide

Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide Steps
Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide – Infographic

Every helmet is different from the other in terms of fitting, shape, and sizing. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find the perfect helmet with the best fitting. Several helmet brands have a wide range of prices. Even some of the low-price helmets provide better fitting than the expensive helmets. But you know what, you need to know your head size and match it with the motorcycle helmet size chart. You didn’t consider this factor, and now you must choose a helmet carefully.
So let’s get started and follow the simple steps for motorcycle helmet sizing. The six steps are the following:

  • Style of Helmet
  • Your Head Size and Shape
  • Try-On a Helmet
  • Check The Proper Fitting of the Helmet
  • Wear The Helmet for Some Time
  • Do You Feel Comfortable With The Helmet? If Yes, Then Ride With It!

1 Helmet Type

There are several motorcycle helmet brands, and they have dozens of helmets. And you might get confused about choosing the best motorcycle helmet. So we will tell you about the different styles of helmets here. Also, you will get to know which helmet is best for your riding style. Here we will notify you about five different helmet types.

 Open Face Helmet 
The open-face helmet isn’t much secure for the rider. And this type of helmet is for those people who want to feel the wind on their faces. Moreover, the open face helmets will not protect the chin and face. It will only cover the head of the rider. Another name of the open-face helmet is the half helmet.
 Half Face Helmet 
By the half helmet name, you will have an idea that this helmet is only for the top part of your head. Besides the coverage, these helmets are budget-friendly. Unfortunately, these helmets don’t have many additional features to offer. And these helmets are usually for those people who cruise often.
 Full Face Helmet 
Next is the full-face helmet that will provide full protection to the user. It has a shield to protect the face of the rider, including the eyes and nose. Best of all, the full-face helmet will provide a chin strap to protect the bottom of the wearer. Besides, the full-face helmet does not have proper ventilation. And you might feel suffocated in the full-face helmet. We recommend wearing these helmets for the winter season.
But if you need the best protection, then buy a full-face helmet. It will offer protection from hard surfaces in any accident. Also, a full-face helmet is one of the favorite types of helmets for riding on the roadside.
 Modular Helmet 
The next type of helmet is the modular helmet. Also, this helmet offers similar protection as a full-face helmet. And this type of helmet provides an option to make it a full-face helmet or open face helmet because the shield of the modular helmets is convertible, so if you feel suffocated, just flip the shield up.
However, you can judge by the name of this helmet that it will provide the features of two types of helmets. So if you are confused by an open face or full-face helmet, then buy a modular helmet.
 ADV Helmet 
Next up, we have the ADV helmets that can give your fantastic protection and additional features. Also, you can ride with an adventure helmet for having the best and secure riding experience. This type of helmet has a lot of space so you can wear goggles with this helmet. Best of all, this helmet will provide enough ventilation, and you will never feel suffocated in this helmet.
 Dirt Helmet 
Lastly, these helmets aren’t for street riding. Also, this type of helmet is not legal as it doesn’t have the DOT certification. With this helmet, you will feel enough air on your face. Besides that, this type of helmet is required to wear sunglasses. But the goggles aren’t sold with the helmets. This type of helmet is extremely lightweight. You will not have a face shield with a dirt bike helmet. We don’t recommend buying this type of helmet if you are going to ride on the street.

2 Determine Your Head Shape and Size

Now that you have seen certain types of helmets, the second thing you have to figure out is your head shape. Generally, there are three kinds of head shapes that we will discuss below.Motorcycle Helmet Sizing

  • Long Oval Shape
  • Medium Oval Shape
  • Round Oval Shape
Consequently, for knowing your head shape, ask someone to take a picture of your head from the above. And to get the right shape, settle your hair to the flattest position. After the photo is taken, just match that which type of head shape goes with your head. Is it round, oval, or too oval? Usually, people have an oval head shape or medium oval shape. But you need to know the exact shape of your head to have the perfect motorcycle helmet sizing.
Usually, people don’t consider measuring their head size, and they just buy a comfortable helmet. But the measurement of the head is as important as measuring a waist to buy jeans. Besides, this step isn’t difficult. Just ask your friend to wrap a tape around your head and measure it. Make sure the tape is right above the eyebrows so you may measure the broadest area of the head. Also, you can measure the head size by a thread. But do it accurately once for a lifetime. If you don’t know the accurate size of your head, it’s hard to find the best helmet.
Moreover, another way of measuring the motorcycle helmet head size is through a string. And you can measure the head size for a helmet as well with a piece of string. After that, match your head size with the motorcycle helmet measurements.

3 Try The Helmet On

Now it’s time to order a helmet according to your head size. After knowing the head shape and size, you’ll have an idea which helmet will suit you. And when the helmet arrives, try it on. Also, before trying on the helmet, pull the straps apart, and then wear the helmet.
Besides that, you might feel uncomfortable while wearing a helmet for the first time because you need to adjust while wearing any type of helmet. But it is not that tough, and you will get to know after trying a helmet once when you are seeking a helmet look for the fitting because it is the only thing that secures your head.Motorcycle Helmet Sizing - Wear Helmet

4 Check The Proper Fitting of the Helmet

It is one of the essential steps of motorcycle helmet sizing. When you wear a helmet, you will know how that feels. And if there is any inconvenience, then you should buy another helmet. Also, if you have difficulty wearing a helmet, then consider measuring the head size again. Maybe you have purchased the wrong motorcycle helmet sizing mistakenly. We are mentioning, again and again, to measure the head size accurately with the help of someone. Also, check the motorcycle helmet size chart.
While checking the fitting of the helmets, you must check that the cheeks pads fit accurately. Cheeks pads will give you comfort, but if they squeeze your face, then it means the helmet is a bit tight. But don’t worry, a helmet will loosen up after some time. Also, there are some helmets, especially open face helmets that do not provide cheek pads.
Another thing to consider in the fitting of the helmet is the chin guard or the chin bar. It should move easily and comfortably while wearing the helmet. Also, notice that your helmet shouldn’t slip forwards or backward. If it moves constantly, go for a smaller size.
Lastly, you must give some time for a helmet to give a break-in. Usually, helmets take 18 hours to break-in. So don’t worry if the helmet is a little bit tighter. Every type of helmet will require a break-in period.

5 Wear The Helmet

After knowing the type of helmet, the size, and shape of your head, just wear the helmet. Wearing a helmet for 20 to 25 minutes will tell you if the helmet is accurate for your head shape or not. Besides that, you will know if the helmet is comfortable and breathable. Best of all, you will know that the helmet has perfect fitting. Other than that, the helmet will mold according to your head shape. Also, we suggest wearing a few helmets to determine which one is best for you.
Consequently, if the helmet is tight, you may have a line on your head after taking it off. So that helmet is not perfect for you. We would tell you to buy another motorcycle helmet and recheck the size chart. None of the helmets should put pressure on your head because it will cause headaches.

6 Does The Helmet Give Comfortable Feel? If Yes, Then Ride with It!

You cannot just decide that it is the best helmet for you after wearing it. For knowing the perfect helmet, you need to ride for at least an hour. And a new helmet is slightly tighter, but it will loosen up after the break-in period. Plus, all the motorcycle helmets require a break-in period. And the break-in period is usually about 18 to 20 hours. Also, the helmet will fit perfectly once it is a break-in. And never buy a helmet that is too tight or too loose. Because only a perfect fit helmet will offer the best protection.

FAQs About Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Guide

How Tight Should A Helmet Be?
A motorcycle helmet should have an accurate fitting according to your head size. Also, the chin strap must be adjustable. Neither a helmet should be tight or loose. It should have little space in the hood so you can comfortably move your head.
What Is The Best Way To Measure The Helmet Size For Your Head?
For measuring your head size, you can put tape around your head. And the tape should be above the ears. Also, you need to put the tape exactly half-inch directly above on the eyebrows. Now you are ready to take the measure of the motorcycle helmet sizing of your forehead. Plus, you can take someone’s help to measure the head size accurately.
Which Are The Best Brands Of Motorcycle Helmets That Provides Best-Fitting?
Some of the best brands of helmets are Shoei helmets, bell helmets, Arai helmets, SHARK helmets, and AGV helmets. These are some of the best helmets that will provide a wide range of sizes and best fitting. You can buy any of the helmets from these brands that fit you the best.
Do All Helmets Of Motorcycles Get Loose?
Yes, helmets get loose because they are tight when you just bought them. Also, if you want to know that a helmet is fitted correctly, you must feel a pressure that is put on your head.
Does Motorcycle Helmet Need A Break-In Period?
Yes, all the motorcycle helmets need a break-in period. And you should give approximately 18 hours to break in the helmet. After that period, your head will fit in the helmet more comfortably and correctly. Also, a new helmet will be tighter than an old one. So don’t worry if your helmet is tight after break-in it will lose a little bit.


Safety comes first, so it is essential to choose a helmet that fits your head correctly. A motorcycle helmet shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. We have mentioned much detail above in our steps of sizing a helmet shall fit according to your head shape. Other than that, no matter how comfortable your helmet is, it wouldn’t offer protection to the rider.
To avoid any kind of injuries, you must know about the sizing. Unfortunately, many people get severe head injuries, and some people die if the helmet didn’t offer protection. It is a serious matter, and you must know the sizing of the helmet before buying it.
Consequently, if your helmet is loose, it may slip forwards or backward. While riding fast, your helmet won’t be stable. And tight helmets will cause you headaches, and you won’t be able to wear them for a long time. Also, loose helmets will keep on distracting your ride. Besides, a motorcycle helmet with perfect fitting will give you more confidence and secure you as well. A helmet with a comfortable grip will enhance your riding experience.
Finally, the accurate size of the helmet for your head will provide security and comfortability. So you will have the safest ride. Thank you for reading.


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