Wear Face Mask Under Helmet. Safe or Dangerous?

We are all aware of the current Covid-19 situation.
But Do we need to wear a mask under the motorcycle helmet?
As a part of the government’s guidelines, we need to wear a mask all the time. In some areas, bikers are asked to pay a big fine if they are not wearing masks under the helmet.
Let’s answer this question.

Face Mask Under Motorcycle Helmet. Safe Or Dangerous?

safe or dangerousAccording to medical doctors, wearing a face mask under the Full-Face Helmet or Modular Helmet may cause breathing problems, which will lead to blackouts. However, you can wear a face mask with open-face or half-face motorcycle helmets for your safety.
If you don’t agree with us, Keep reading, so we explain it in detail.
Remember: “Half Knowledge is worse than No Knowledge at all.”

Blackout & Breathing Problems With Face Mask Under Helmet

As you already know, a face mask designed to filter air could reduce the oxygen entering the body. A low amount of oxygen in your lungs while riding a motorbike will lead to a loss of consciousness. Surgical masks affect your breathing. According to doctors, the heartbeat of a person increases at high speed and needs more oxygen. That means low oxygen will affect your brain and heart until you blackout.
Doctors also state that this problem is not limited to high speed, and the heartbeat of the rider could arise due to different factors. For example, if you are riding in a hot and humid environment. A simple obstacle on the road that the rider didn’t notice. These simple factors can be dangerous if the motor rider is wearing a mask with a helmet.
While riding, you are not doing any human interaction with anyone, so you don’t need a face mask. On the other hand, you need to wear proper gloves to keep you and your bike germs free. Moreover, keep a face mask in your pockets, which you can wear after taking the helmet off. It is also wise to clean your hand with sanitizers after a few minutes of not riding your bike.

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Signs of Breathing Trouble

breath problem with mask under helmet

Our brain wants to keep us alive in any environment or condition. So, it gives us some symptoms if our body is suffering. If,

  • Your face mask is causing you difficulty in breathing.
  • You are feeling suddenly uncomfortable.
  • You find it to catch breathe.

Then pull the brake and stop. Quickly take off the mask and helmet and call for help if you need to.

Law Vs. Life

Since it is now illegal and not safe to go out without a face mask, we advise all motorcyclists to keep a face mask in their pockets, which they can wear when they are in a crowd or use balaclava under the helmet. Also, keep a distance from other riders as much as possible.

Tips for Motor Riders – Stay Safe from COVID-19

  • Always keep a small bottle of sanitizer with you.
  • Keep a face mask in your pocket and wear it when you are not wearing a motorcycle helmet.
  • Properly clean the motorcycle helmet and handle before using it.
  • Clean your hands after every 2 minutes when you are not riding.
  • Maintain a 6-foot (or 2 meters) distance from other riders.
  • Keep your helmet in the beg pack when not using it.

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