How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet Inside & Out: 11 Easy Steps

A Clean Motorcycle helmet serves you better on the road. Motorcycle helmets not only protect your head in case of a crash, but it also protects your face from dust, debris, bugs, and rain. You wear a motorcycle helmet for all weather conditions, which means it will get dirty. If you know how to clean a motorcycle helmet properly, it will increase your chances of survival in an accident, prolonging the helmet’s life.
We have listed all the essential steps to clean a motorcycle helmet properly. So, let’s start and clean a motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning Steps

1 Motorcycle helmet cleaning materials

Right Tools makes the job easier. These cleaning materials are our preference to clean helmet easily.

microfiber rags

 Microfiber Rags 

Microfiber rags are excellent for cleaning motorcycle helmet and face shield. You can use both new or old microfiber rag, but we recommend a clean and new one. As a used microfiber rag can have dirt particles in it and will affect the exterior finish of the helmet.



A cheap toothbrush with soft bristles will help you to clean nooks and crannies which microfiber rag cant reach. For instance, the toothbrush helps when you are cleaning around the face shield gaskets and vents.

baby shampoo

 Baby Shampoo 

Any cleaning agent that is not petroleum-based will be doing the task. Remember, do not use the window cleaner to clean your helmet or lose the shine. Baby shampoos are always the best option due to their gentle nature.

warm water

 Warm Water 

While cleaning a motorcycle helmet, always use warm water rather than hot and cold water. Cold water will not help clean the dirt, and hot water will affect the color and durability of the helmet.

air compressor

 Air Compressor 

An air compressor will help you to clean air vents properly. However, be careful while using an air compressor as it can erode the EPS liner of the helmet.

2 Remove any electronics and external accessories

Remove external accessories before cleaning motorcycle helmetBefore you start washing the motorcycle helmet, always remove any internal electronic accessory like Bluetooth headset, speakers, battery, or microphone.

3 Remove the helmet’s interior

Remove the helmet’s interiorMost of the motorcycle helmets offer removable interior for cleaning and replacement purposes. Before removing the interior, read the user manual and follow the instructions to extract the helmet’s interior safely. Once you have eliminated the liner, place these in a box as we will clean them in step 5.

4 Prepare the helmet’s outer shell

Prepare the helmets outer shell before cleaningNow, soak the microfiber rag in warm water and cover your helmet in it. It will help us to clean the helmet’s exterior later quickly. Allow the wet microfiber rag on your helmet for 5 to 10 minutes while cleaning the interior in step 5.

5 Clean the helmet’s interior (Removeable liner)

Clean the helmets interior (Removeable liner)Mostly, the lining of a helmet needs to be clean properly. If your helmet offers a removable liner then cleaning the interior is an easy task. Baby shampoo works well to clean the lining and cheek pads. First, fill a tub or bucket with warm water and add some baby shampoo in it. Then massage and scrub each piece of the helmet liner properly. When it is complete, let the liner and cheek pads air dry.
Note: Never clean the helmet’s liner in a machine, or you will damage it.

6 Clean the helmet’s interior (Fixed Liner)

Clean motorcycle helmets interior (Fixed Liner)If your helmet does not offer a removable liner, then you can still wash it. First, take a tube and fill it with warm water. Then add some baby shampoo to it. Now, dunk the helmet in it and let it soak for a few minutes. You can rub the liner and cheek pads with your fingertips to remove grime and bug guts from the interior. After cleaning it, you can use a hairdryer to dry it properly.

7 Clean the motorcycle helmet’s exterior

Clean the motorcycle helmets exteriorNow, lets clean the outer shell of the helmet. First, remove the wet microfiber rag from the motorcycle helmet that we placed on it in step 4. Use a new dry microfiber rag and gently remove clean the motorcycle helmet and wipe all the leftover dirt. Be sure to use warm water while washing your motorcycle helmet. A toothbrush will come in handy to clean hard-to-reach spots like air vent holes.

8 Blow out the vents (if needed)

Blow out the vents (if needed) after cleaning the helmetInside of vents also gets dirty quickly. If possible, a quick blast from the air compressor will remove all the dirt and bugs from air vents.

9 Clean the Face shield

Clean the Face shieldMost face shields have some protective coating. For that reason, always clean the face shield with warm water rather than any shining spray. The ideal way to clean a face shield is by using a wet microfiber rag and gently wipe away all the dirt, smudges, or dust.
Pin-lock Shields
If your helmet has a pin-lock ready face shield, then remove the face shield from the motorcycle helmet and carefully clean both sides of the face shield without damaging the gasket.

10 Wipe down the internal sun shield

clean the sun visor of the helmetOften, modular helmets offer an inner sun shield for UV Protection. If the drop-down visor is a bit dusty, then a quick spritz of water and cleaning it will a microfiber rag will do the trick.

11 Reassemble the helmet After Cleaning

Reassemble the helmet After CleaningCongratulation! You have cleaned your motorcycle helmet very well. When the helmet’s interior and all other parts are clean and dry. You can reassemble your motorcycle helmet for use. Remember, knowing how to clean a motorcycle helmet is a foundational piece of a pleasant ride.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Helmet Care


  • Use baby shampoo or mild laundry detergents.
  • Use warm water to wash your helmet.
  • Use microfiber rags to clean your motorcycle helmet.
  • Gently clean face shield and visor with a microfiber rag.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach spots in the motorcycle helmet.
  • Remove all electronic accessories before washing the motorcycle helmet.
  • Use an air compressor to blow out the air vents.
  • Use a hairdryer to dry the motorcycle helmet.
  • Use a helmet bag when your helmet is not in use.
  • Do not use a petroleum-based cleaner to clean your helmet.
  • Do not use a washing machine to wash your helmet or interior.
  • Do not use an old or dirty towel to clean your helmet.
  • Do not use any spray on a face shield and inner visor.
  • Do not dry helmet’s cheek pads in the dryer.

Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

  • Never scrub your helmet’s visor.
  • Put a coat of quality automotive wax on your helmet shell.
  • Store helmet in a helmet bag.
  • Always let your helmet air out after a ride.
  • Clean your helmet with warm water and a microfiber rag.
  • Do not use a washing machine to clean your motorcycle helmet.


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