Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Reviews (2022)

To stay linked with other fellows, we have the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for you. And it is hazardous to use a mobile phone while riding a bike. Several accidents happen due to unconsciousness while attending phone calls. So you must have a Bluetooth headset for taking the crucial calls. However, with this motorcycle Bluetooth headset, you can listen to radio and music as well.
We have chosen the ten best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets that offer the best specs. One of the best features is the active noise-canceling technology. With this feature, you can listen to the calls correctly. And some of the headsets have a GPS that will provide accurate directions. Are you wondering what else these Bluetooth headsets can provide? Just keep scrolling and read our detailed review of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.
Without any further ado, let’s dive into our top 10 picks of the versatile Bluetooth headsets.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets of 2022

Best Bluetooth Headsets/InterComs With Alternatives

FreedConn TCOM-SCFreedConn TCOM-SCBest Cheapest Bluetooth Headset★★★★Yideng BT-S2Check PriceView Detail
LEXIN LX-B4FMLEXIN LX-B4FMBest Budget Helmet Headset★★★★Fodsports FX8Check PriceView Detail
Fodsports M1S ProFodsports M1S ProBest Universal Bluetooth Helmet Headset★★★★★BlueRider M1-SCheck PriceView Detail
Sena SMH5-UNIVSena SMH5-UNIVBest Bluetooth Headset for scooters★★★★Maxto M2Check PriceView Detail
Sena SMH10-10Sena SMH10-10Best Mid-Range Bluetooth Headset★★★★Sena SMH10-11Check PriceView Detail
Cardo FREECOM 4 PLUSCardo FREECOM 4 PLUSBest Selling Bluetooth Headset★★★★Sena 20S-01Check PriceView Detail
SENA 20S-EVO-01SENA 20S-EVO-01Best Quality Bluetooth Headset★★★★Sena 30K-01Check PriceView Detail
Cardo PACKTALK BOLDCardo PACKTALK BOLDBest High-end Bluetooth Headset★★★★Sena 50RCheck PriceView Detail
Sena 30K-01Sena 30K-01Best Premium Bluetooth Headset★★★★★PACKTALK SLIMCheck PriceView Detail
Sena 10C ProSena 10C ProBest Bluetooth Helmet Headset + Camera★★★★Sena 10C EVOCheck PriceView Detail
Note: We have sorted all the Bluetooth Headsets according to price so you can easily pick which suits your budget.

Under 100$

1 Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Headset
Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication Systems Helmet Intercom with Hard Mic Cord (LCD ScreenFM RadioHandsfree800M 2-3Riders)

Our top pick is the freedconn motorcycle Bluetooth communication system. Also, it has a low price, but it has the best quality and extra features as well. Plus, this freedconn best motorcycle communication system is easy to control, and you will have the best quality of voice with it. Also, it will deliver the sound to the other end in a smooth manner. Freedconn is one of the best companies that have the best products at a low price range.


It has a smart design that will fit in several helmets easily. Do you know why we chose freedom as our top pick? Because it is the top-leading motorcycle Bluetooth headset in the market.

Overall Rating

Overall, this Bluetooth headset for a motorcycle has terrific features that are user-friendly. Plus, you can listen to the voice of others transparently. Also, the design of this best motorcycle headset is comfortable. And you can invest in this motorcycle Bluetooth headset for having hands-free control. Also, it is a safety device that anyone can use while riding a motorcycle.

  • Easy and straightforward to use.
  • Hands-free operation.
  • Solid and durable material.
  • Comfortable.
  • Compatible with several other profiles as well.
  • The audio quality while listening to music doesn’t deliver high volume.

2 LEXIN LX-B4FM Universal Bluetooth Helmet Communication System

Best Budget Helmet Headset
LEXIN 1pc LX-B4FM Motorcycle Intercom, Universal Helmet Communication System up to 4 Riders, Waterproof Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset with 1600m Range

Next, we have the Lexin LX-B4FM motorcycle intercom Bluetooth for a helmet that allows you to pair with 3 to 4 other fellows at the same time. This Bluetooth headset for the motorcycle helmet provides hands-free operation. You can make your ride safe and more enjoyable with this Bluetooth headset device. Also, you will have an option to connect this Bluetooth with apple and android phones.


The design of lexin is simple yet stylish. Also, it has an LED light that turns on when you pair it with any other device. Plus, the LED lights tell if the battery is less.

Overall Rating

Overall, it is a good quality motorcycle Bluetooth headset that offers hands-free operation. Also, you can connect the Bluetooth with Siri for attending the calls. Plus, you will have a fantastic sound experience due to the ANC feature. And lexin offers the FM-radio function and GPS as well. Lastly, the Bluetooth technology of this best motorcycle headset is v3.0. It is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset of 2022.

  • Hands-free communication.
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound.
  • GPS voice guidance.
  • Long-range of 1600.
  • No cons as such.

3 Fodsports M1S Pro Motorbike Helmet Universal Wireless Interphone

Best Universal Bluetooth Helmet Headset
Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports M1S Pro 2000m 8 Riders Group Motorbike Helmet Communication System Headset Universal Wireless Interphone (WaterproofHandsfreeStereo MusicGPS2 Mic)

Next, we have the fodsports M1s pro headset that has mind-blowing features. And after reading these motorcycle Bluetooth headset reviews, you might decide to buy this headset without any doubt.


The design of the fodsports is unique, and it has large buttons that you can use conveniently with or without gloves.

Overall Rating

Overall, this headset by fodsports has Bluetooth connectivity of 4.1. Also, this headset has an excellent rating and motorcycle bluetooth reviews on Amazon. And with its exceptional features, you will have the best riding with intercom experience. It is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

  • Longest distance of 2000 meters.
  • High stability.
  • Supports eight riders at one time.
  • Waterproof.
  • Noise reduction feature.
  • 20 hours of talk-time.
  • No cons to mention.
Under 200$

4 Sena SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters

Best Bluetooth Headset for scooters
Sena (SMH5-UNIV) Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for ScootersMotorcycles with Universal Microphone Kit

Next, we have the Best Sena Bluetooth headset if you have bought a headset for a motorcycle before you will know that it is a famous company. This brand has several products that offer exceptional features.


The design of this Bluetooth headset is compact and straightforward. And it will fit in the any best motorcycle helmet accurately. And it will not disturb the chin strap of the headphone.

Overall Rating

Overall, it is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset among several brands. This headset is the best motorcycle helmet intercom that connects with multiple devices at a time. And you can have crystal clear sound with this headset. And you will get a long-range of Bluetooth with this headset.

  • Two microphones.
  • Multiple pairing options.
  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 400 meters.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Bit pricey.

5 Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset

Best Mid-Range Bluetooth Headset
Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Intercom

Next, we have another best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth kit by senna that comes with two years warranty. Also, you can have several impressive specs that make it worth buying. Plus, the headsets by sena have GPS technology to make your rides even more enjoyable. This headset has the best motorcycle helmet audio technology.


This headset by sena has a jog dial design that is easy to operate, and you can press the buttons with gloves as well. Also, it has a blue LED light indicator. On top of that, the design of this headset is comfortable yet compact.

Overall Rating

Overall, it is an exceptional headset that is offering many features. Also, you can operate this Best sena headset efficiently. Plus, this headset has an extended range of 900 meters.

  • Ten days for standby time.
  • Advanced noise-canceling technology.
  • Bluetooth connectivity of long-range.
  • Easy to control.
  • Bit pricey Bluetooth headset.

6 Cardo FREECOM 4 PLUS Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Selling Bluetooth Headset
Cardo FREECOM 4 PLUS - 4-Way Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System With Natural Voice Operation, Sound By JBL

This cardo headphone is quite versatile, and it offers several incredible features. It is an intercom that connects with four devices at a time. Plus, you will have the most extended range of communication with other people.


Cardo has a super smooth finishing that makes it cool. Also, it has a universal fitting, and you can securely set it.
However, you have an option to choose between three colors, including red, gray, and black.

Overall Rating

Overall, this headphone has impressive features as well as looks. And you can have satin fabric for the most convenient fitting. Plus, the cardo motorcycle Bluetooth headset has adjustable volume and built-in FM radio. And this headset is not bulky. It is the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets of 2022.

  • Interchangeable mic.
  • Long-range.
  • Adjustable volume.
  • Built-in FM-radio.
  • No cons as such.

7 SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Best Quality Bluetooth Headset
SENA 20S-EVO-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Next, we have the Best sena 20s motorcycle Bluetooth Evo 1 that is better than the previous versions senna. Plus, sena offers the best sound quality motorcycle helmet speaker.


The new antenna design makes sena sleeker than its previous versions.

Overall Rating

Overall, the sena 20 has impressive performance, and you will have a long talk-time with the best sound. The weight of this motorcycle Bluetooth headset is not excessive; that is why people prefer buying it.

  • Sleek new antenna design.
  • Better functioning.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Impressive features.
  • Not waterproof.
Under 300$

8 Cardo PACKTALK BOLD Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System

Best High-end Bluetooth Headset
Cardo DMCBluetooth PACKTALK BOLD Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System With Natural Voice Operation, Sound By JBL, Connect 2 to 15 Riders

Next, we have another famous company of motorcycle Bluetooth headset that is Cardo. This company makes the best motorcycle helmet radio communication so that the riders can communicate clearly.


On top of that, The design of Cardo is convenient yet straightforward. And you will get a rolling dial that you can use easily to control the volume. Cardo is the best motorcycle helmet two-way radio system.

Overall Rating

Overall, it is a great communicator that has DMC. And if you have a half helmet, then consider the cardo Bluetooth headset. Plus, you will have a 40mm deep connection, and you will get high definition speakers. And you can ask the Cardo by saying hey and it will do other work.

  • Built-in FM radio.
  • Connects several people at a time.
  • 1600 meters’ range.
  • No cons as such.

9 Sena 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth/Mesh Communication System

Best Premium Bluetooth Headset
Sena 30K-01 Motorcycle BluetoothMesh Communication System

Next, we have another product of sena motorcycle Bluetooth headset that has simple functions. Also, this intercom will make your ride even more enjoyable. And you can have the best talk-time experience with sena. Also, it has a free mode that you can turn on for connecting with several people at the same time.


The design of the sena is quite stylish and convenient to use. Also, the fitting of this best sena headset is universal. And you can get a large button that can be pressed with the gloves as well.

Overall Rating

Overall, it is an excellent motorcycle Bluetooth headset that offers the best features. Besides that, the intercom of sena has fantastic features that you can automatically connect it with a stable connection.

  • Water-resistant
  • Hands-free option
  • Powerful speakers
  • 13 hours of talk-time
  • Public mode for clear voice.
  • No cons as such.
Under 400$

10 Sena 10C Pro Communication System Helmet & Camera

Best Bluetooth Helmet Headset + Camera
Sena 10C Pro Communication System Helmet Accessories, Motorcycle Camera

Last but not least, the sena intercom has several unusual features, including the camera. It has an HD camera that will capture the moments in the best resolution. And the lens of the camera can be rotated easily. Also, it has a remote controller that you can use to control the camera.


The sena 10C pro helmet Bluetooth device has a unique design with an antenna. However, this company of Bluetooth intercom is quite famous. Also, you will have a lens that is rotatable to 30 degrees.

Overall Rating

Overall, this headset is excellent and has several built-in features. Also, you will have a built-in FM radio with sena pro. And the micro SB of sena is 64 GB. This headset by sena is specially crafted for those people who love to cruise on a motorcycle. Also, you can capture the best moments with this device. And the result of the camera, as well as video, will be simply amazing.

  • Edge 2k camera.
  • Smart audio mix.
  • Wifi capability.
  • High-definition result.
  • Two-in-One Device.
  • Bit expensive device.

Tips For Using Bluetooth Headset

Several people don’t like the electronic devices interrupting or distracting them while riding. But sometimes you may miss an urgent call from home or office. So you must have a motorcycle Bluetooth headset that wouldn’t distract you from the road.
You can simply turn on the Bluetooth headset by pressing the center button and the plus button for a few seconds. And every headset has different features than others. The LED light may turn on when the Bluetooth is connected.
Usually, the Bluetooth headsets take 12 seconds to turn on. And then, you can again press the center button and go to configuration settings. After that, your headset will be connected to the phone.

Below We Have Stated The Uses Of Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

  • Find a Bluetooth headset that has a long and reliable range. Also, the headset you choose must be compatible with connecting with more than two devices.
  • Next, you must know that your Bluetooth headset has active noise canceling technology or not.
  • If you need more features, then consider buying a Bluetooth headset with GPS and wifi technology.
  • You can listen to music while riding, and you don’t even need to take the gloves off while using these Bluetooth headsets.
  • You can use the GPS function for knowing any directions without taking out your phone from the pocket.
  • On the phone, you might hear the traffic noise, but the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets will block the external sounds.
  • You can connect to multiple people at a time and discuss anything while riding the bike.
  • With the motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset, you can share the music list with your fellows.
  • You can train other fresh bikers by guiding them through the Bluetooth headset intercom.
  • And there are several other things that you can do while using the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.
You can have the safest ride with this device. So before choosing one Bluetooth headset for yourself, check our buying guide below.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Bluetooth Headsets 2022

After reviewing different brands and their top-rated products of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, consider some of the critical factors for making your investment worth it. We will tell you the elements of Bluetooth headsets so that your decision becomes even more accessible.Best Bluetooth Headset Buyer Guide - infographic


The cost of any product matters before you choose one for yourself. Consider buying a motorcycle headset that has impressive features and an affordable price. And do not consider the lowest price because you wouldn’t don’t have the right features with it.
So don’t just invest in the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets according to the design and ponder, consider the features as well. Plus, you must know the quality of the product and then invest in it. Also, do not buy a high-priced Bluetooth headset that isn’t providing the best features, so choose wisely.

 Voice Control And Quality Of Sound 

Audio quality should be good enough to deliver the best sound at the other end. If the audio quality is not smooth, then your talking experience might be weak. Also, lousy audio quality makes an unstable connection between you and your friend. And the link must be keen to hear every vocal talking or listening to music. You must be able to control the voice with the Bluetooth headset. And if your headset has GPS technology without clear audio, it is useless. So the audio quality and voice control should be your top priority while buying the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

 Voice Commands 

The hands-free voice commands make driving more convenient and enjoyable. And you can have the hands-free voice command in decent motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Plus, this feature is a must, so prefer buying a headset for the best experience. And the hands-free function allows you to attend the calls without any difficulty while riding a bike. This feature enhances the safety level as well.

 Usability Of The Controls 

So if you wear gloves while riding a bike, this is an essential point for you to know. The gloves are bulky, and you must be able to control the Bluetooth headset with the gloves. And there are some of the gloves that don’t work with small buttons. Besides, you must choose a Bluetooth headset that has normal-sized buttons that are controllable with the gloves on.
Other than that, you can safely ride the bike and pair with other fellows comfortably with gloves. Also, you need to know how the functions of the headset work because you can’t see them while riding a bike. Plus, there are some of the best Bluetooth headsets that have voice-technology as well. So the voice command allows you to attend the calls without pressing any button.

 Battery Life Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset 

Battery life is another crucial component that you need to ponder while buying a motorcycle Bluetooth headset. Those people who cruise on the roads must buy a headset that has long battery life. If you are planning to go on a road trip with friends, at least buy a Bluetooth headset that has 10 hours of battery life. And the short battery life is suitable for those people who don’t travel on the bike often. Also, it is better to have long battery life if you are going alone. You won’t have lost in the hills or any other area due to GPS features.

 Range Of The Headset 

The range of the Bluetooth headset for motorcyclists is crucial to consider. And if you are going on a trip with your friends, then the Bluetooth range must be 1000 yards’. The scale should be enough not to break the voice commands. And you must be able to talk to each other if there is an issue with other fellows. Also, to avoid the breakage of voice, consider buying a Bluetooth headset with a long-range. And some of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets have intercom as well to encounter voice breakage.


Many people ruined their headsets by rain or moisture. So if you want to have a Bluetooth device that works in all weather, consider buying a water-resistant headset. And if our top picks, you will find the best earphones with water-resistant technology. Also, buy a helmet that doesn’t damage the moisture in the mask. It is an essential and useful feature for all the riders.

 Chin Strap 

The motorcycle Bluetooth headset should be installed correctly, so it doesn’t disturb the rider. And you don’t need to remove the chin strap for installing this device. Also, it is necessary to buy a helmet that is compatible with the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.


The warranty period should be long, so if there is any problem, the company will fix it. Also, you need the best product that lasts longer, so the warranty period matters. Several companies offer a warranty period that makes their sales double the other companies.


Most of all, the durability of all the Bluetooth headsets isn’t the same. Some motorcycle Bluetooth headsets have better quality construction than others. So do not buy a product that breaks after a month. Plus, if you want to make the best investment consider the durability of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

 Convenience And Ease Of Use 

The Bluetooth headset should be easy to use. And consider buying a headset that is convenient for everyone. Some of the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets come with a manual that you can read. Also, the Bluetooth headset should be comfortable to wear inside the helmet. And an uncomfortable Bluetooth headset might disturb you while riding the bike.


Another essential feature of the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets is the camera. And you can find this feature in the high-end motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. Plus, you can capture the best moments with the Bluetooth camera headset. Also, some of the high-end cameras for the motorcycle helmet capture the time-lapse.


Lastly, we have the GPS feature of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. A GPS feature is useful when you are going on an adventure. It will guide you through the voice commands, and you will be able to reach the destination quickly. Plus, the GPS feature will save you time, and you don’t need to take out your phone to know the directions.
After reading the buying guide, you will know which features are necessary for the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets.

FAQs about Best Motorcycle Helmet Headsets 2022

What Are The Best Brands Of Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets?
Some of the best brands of motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System, Lexin LX-B4FM Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Bluetooth, Sena Bluetooth Headset SMH5-UNIV, Sena SMH10 Intercom Bluetooth Headset, and Fodsports M1S Pro.
Which Brand Of Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Is Better Sena Or The Cardo?
Cardo is a waterproof Bluetooth intercom, and it will deliver the best voice quality. Also, you can use this intercom in the moist weather. On the other side, the sena Bluetooth intercom doesn't have the water-resistant feature. And you can wear it in the moisture weather. But sena has better audio quality streaming than Cardo.
Which Are The Long Range Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets?
Some of the long-range motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are Cardo Freecom Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System 4 Plus, Sena 20s Motorcycle Bluetooth Evo 1, Cardo DMC Bluetooth Bold Motorcycle Communication, Sena 30K- Motorcycle Mesh Communication System, and Sena 10C Pro Communication Helmet Bluetooth Device.
Can You Listen to Music WithBluetooth Helmet?
Yes, motorcyclists can listen to music while driving. And you will be secure and safe with a Bluetooth helmet. Also, the sound quality of the stereo Bluetooth device is terrific. But make sure you don't listen to music in the loudest volume because you need to focus on the traffic laws as well.
Do All Motorcycle Helmets Have Built-In Bluetooth Headsets?
No, all motorcycle headsets do not have built-in Bluetooth. And you can check it before buying, or you have to buy a helmet that is compatible with Bluetooth devices. Also, some motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth technology and intercom as well. Other than that, we have some headsets in our review that have FM-radio options as well.


A motorcycle ride is more enjoyable than car rides, but it is dangerous as well. So if you love cruising with a bike, then you must buy a motorcycle Bluetooth headset, plus, you will have a secure ride even if you are talking to others with this intercom Bluetooth headset. Moreover, you can listen to music and radio with this Bluetooth headset.
Best of all, you can listen to calls with free hands. And you can hear the calls clearly due to the noise-canceling feature. Plus, you can find the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets after reviewing the ten products. Also, you will have the best sound quality and voice delivery with these headsets.
Besides, several of the headsets have long-range Bluetooth. So if you aren’t able to pick one motorcycle Bluetooth headset, then we suggest buying Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System. It is the ideal motorcycle Bluetooth headset that has 10 hours’ talk-time and 7 hours’ intercom time. Also, this Bluetooth headset has an FM radio and LCD screen. It is worth buying if you cruise on the bike daily. And this Bluetooth headset is safe to use as well as convenient.
We hope that you find our best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets review accommodating. Thank you for reading.


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